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RCA Method of Creating Sound Business Records (DL)

RCA Method of Creating Sound Business Records (DL)
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The methodology of Research, Capture and Apply is critical to your business success … from start to finish.  Our strategic combination usage of 3 FREE easy-to-use and essential Internet tools will alleviate guesswork, build confidence through actual facts that support your business idea, reveal market vitality, position you for funding, eliminate duplication of efforts, hone your services, provide competitive analysis and practically write your business plan or financing proposal for you in a matter of minutes.  Here you will learn how to research, capture, save and apply vital information that will help you to build your business in all phases and at any stage of development.  You’ll realize, through technology (the Internet), the power of your success is totally in your hands.

“RCA™ Method of Creating Sound Business Records” is recommended introductory to “BIBLE™ Lessons for Deliverance of a Better Business Plan” and both are predecessors to our “M.A.D.E.™ in the USA”  system, which strategically combine to guarantee your business success in today’s technology-driven marketplace.  With 21 years of experience in advertising, marketing and talent industries, Larry Freeman personally models his message having used this same system to transform his ideas into several, successful private business endeavors.

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RCA Method of Creating Sound Business RecordsIn this presentation, Larry Freeman discusses how to cleverly build the foundation, structure and offerings of your business by the Research, Capture and Apply method for maximum information from minimal Internet searches through strategic combination usage of 3 FREE easy-to-use and essential Internet tools.

Larry Freeman, Presentation, 64 pages

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