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M.A.D.E. in the USA Method

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M.A.D.E. in the USA (DL)

M.A.D.E. in the USA (DL)
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“Made in the USA” is a popular patriotic slogan that encourages consumer purchase of products and services from American manufacturers, producers and service providers.  Our "M.A.D.E.™ in the USA" system is about helping you to become that manufacturer, producer or service provider so you can easily create a self-reliant income, proactively participate in wealth creation, and achieve the American Dream.

The M.A.D.E.™ method comprises four essential Industry areas (Marketing, Advertising, Design and E-commerce), which combine to guarantee your business success in today’s technology-driven marketplace.  Any product or service begins this pipeline-style process as a passive idea then quickly and affordably channels through to become an active, self-sustaining, money-making business.

Any crack, fissure or hole in any area of your business process presents a potential profit leak and/or revenue loss. Purchase today and learn how to build anew or fix any broken area to prevent profit loss and maximize your business earning potential to its fullest.

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M.A.D.E. in the USA: In this presentation, Larry Freeman will discuss how to effectively channel your product or service from a passive idea into an active, self-sustaining, money-making business quickly and affordably in today’s technology-driven marketplace through a pipeline-style process of essential Industry areas: Marketing, Advertising, Design and E-commerce.

Larry Freeman, Presentation, 122 pages

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