Mission - Objective - Philosophy - Strategy

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Mission - Objective - Philosophy - Strategy

LAF Productions is a “stand-out” company that illuminates business, domestic, global and spiritual communities. Here's how LAF Productions uses our M.O.P.S.™ to keep a "clean" house, "wash" our community and "sweep" the world.

Our Company’s Mission

  • LAF Productions will identify God-imputed creativity in every individual of affiliation, association and patronization in order to incite personal passions toward the development and employment of those identifiable talents.

Our Company’s Objective

  • LAF Productions will creatively change and visually shape how life is lived, perceived and viewed through its efficacious products, services and training.
Our Company’s Philosophy
  • LAF Productions is an innovative company of purpose that is passionately driven by its core principles of economic freedom, equitable wealth distribution, family preservation, humanity consciousness, individual wellness and racial equality and is fueled by artistic caring individuals.  Through this dedication, LAF Productions focuses on “Bringing LAFter Back to Business”™ by “Working to Live…not Living to Work”™.

Our Company’s Strategy

  • To promote proactive, health and humanity-conscious changes that will collectively shape future generations by enhancing individuals' passions and purposes for life now through artistic, helpful and lively one-of-a-kind products, services or training that “come out and grab you”.
  • To attain, maintain and sustain healthy long-term relations locally, nationally and globally through consistent support, impeccable service, Integrity Pricing™, philanthropic (charitable) contributions, positive communications, solid reputation, transparent operations and quality products.
  • To use commerce-generated wealth to influence greater artistic acceptance, produce proactive clients/customers, promote health awareness and stimulate spiritual inspiration in individuals.
  • To become a power center of corporate responsibility and non-purchased leadership in efforts to upgrade our communal standard of living everywhere…thus, positively changing the spirit and atmosphere of our city, state, beloved Country and global community.

LAF Productions' Company Mantra...

To do justly in all endeavors, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God!

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"If a man proceeds confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

-Henry David Thoreau

Spreading LAFter worldwide...

Spreading LAFter Worldwide...

by touching one heart, one mind, one smile, and one nation at a time.

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