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Customer Testimonial

We have been very satisfied with the quality, thoroughness and responsiveness of LAF Productions, Inc. in meeting our requests.
Ernestine Middleton,
Vice President of Administration - Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

Customer Testimonial

For maximum exposure, I would highly recommend hiring LAF Productions, Inc.
Carlotta Walls LaNier,
President - Little Rock Nine™ Foundation

Customer Testimonial

It is my pleasure to recommend one of Arkansas' finest shining examples of media, marketing and public relations talent in the state.
Cornelya Dorbin, MPA,
Executive Director - Arkansas Cancer Coalition

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Entrepreneur Aspirants

M.A.D.E. in the USA Entrepreneurial Training & Development
Apprenticeship-Style Training That Converts Information Into ApplicationTM

We convert information into application...
Today, many business revenues are tied to borrowing costs instead of business expansion costs. To keep afloat in spite of lower dividends and lower profit margins, most companies are either not hiring, hiring less frequently or implementing layoffs. As a result of these factors and continuous cut backs, scores of companies no longer invest in their employees’ development and training, whether freshly hired or company veterans.

Employee contentions and lack of on-the-job competence are at an all-time high, while employee morale and engagement are at their lowest. Budgets are a great deal tighter. Remaining employees now must struggle to juggle multiple priorities, cope with increased pressures with unrealistic expectations, and do more for less! Many are even working longer hours and seeking part-time employment to compensate their shrinking paychecks. Early and forced retirement are leaving many with open productive years but shut opportunities.

American colleges and universities are graduating more students than states' workforce have jobs to hire. Vital departments like Career Planning and Placement are either non-effective or no longer in existence; hence, there are fewer internships, job offers and guaranteed employment for graduating seniors already burdened with high tuition debts. College knowledge works best for those who are already rich or affluent, and does not teach the poor how to become wealthy.

Lack of good-paying jobs, no job security and failed company loyalty are swiftly causing people of all ages to rethink false notions of business ownership. More and more people are becoming interested in business ownership as it presents their only means of hope and a true solution. Entrepreneurship promises better financial control and offers much-needed tax advantages in lieu of rising American taxes.

How can anyone gain confidence to climb the corporate ladder or learn to leave it all behind for a pursuit of passions? The answer lies simply within our M.A.D.E. in the USA business training courses and seminars. Whether a college student, employed, under-employed, unemployed or semi-retired, our training is designed and developed for the entrepreneur in you. We convert information into application for higher conversion rates of aspirants to business owners. 
We challenge our participants to take immediate action from trusted instructions given and apply information we are giving to truly make a better living … easily, inexpensively and quickly.

Affordable education coupled with hope is an extremely healthy solution for communities because it provides options, increases opportunity and decreases crime. As written in Proverbs 13:12, "Hope deferred, makes the heart sick"  and leads to depression, degradation and desperation, "but a desire fulfilled is like a tree of life."

Although apprenticeship-style learning is no new concept overall, its implementation in business training is new to the city of Little Rock, the state of Arkansas, and the South. It revolutionizes the Business and Leadership Training Industry and galvanizes entrepreneurial learning!  Register online today.

Building A Startup Despite Student Debt

MADE in the USA Business Training
(LAF Productions)


You can register for a single course or multiple courses at any given time before your cart check-out. Your shopping cart can hold multiple registrations, services, and business or training products. 

Remember, our built-in group discount rates automatically take 10% off per registrant when three (3) to six (6) attendees register together and 15% off per registrant when seven (7) or more register together. Advance registration and payment are available online and required for attendance. This requirement ensures proper room capacity and a comfortable learning environment for everyone attending.

Now, just follow these three (3) easy steps:

STEP 1: Review ALL course summaries to decide which best suits your needs.  
STEP 2: Visit our LAF Events Calendar for locations, dates and times.  
STEP 3: Return to the selected course's full description page to securely register and pay online.


“Why Does A Baby Cry?”

This course discusses how learning of your potential energy and its successful conversion to kinetic energy, is the essential and fundamental element to accomplishing goals, completing tasks, becoming a business success and cancelling attendance to all future pity parties! Sessions include Personal Development to Becoming An Entrepreneur, Starting a Business in Arkansas, and Business/Personal Credit Reports. FREE Self-Assessment, Pre-Business Checklist, and Business Guide included!

Cost: $49 USD - Conference/Seminar Course

Click tab below to learn more, to register and to pay online.


“RCA™ Method of Creating Sound Business Records”

This course discusses how to cleverly build the foundation, structure and offerings of your business by the Research, Capture and Apply method for maximum information from minimal Internet searches through strategic combination usage of 3 FREE easy-to-use and essential Internet tools. Sessions include Product/Service Development, Starting a Business in Arkansas, and Business/Personal Credit Reports. FREE Self-Assessment, Pre-Business Checklist, and Business Guide included!

Cost: $49 USD - Conference/Seminar Course

Click tab below to learn more, to register and to pay online.


“BIBLE™ Lessons for Deliverance of a Better Business Plan”

This course discusses how to strategically use information and records gathered from our RCA™ method to better develop, design and route an effective road map customized for your business journey with clearly defined mile markers for which to plan, reference, evaluate and measure your success. Business Instructions Build Labor Equity. Sessions include Starting a Business in Arkansas, Business Plan for Startups, Business/Personal Credit Reports and Understanding Financial Statements. FREE Self-Assessment, Pre-Business Checklist, and Business Guide included!

Cost: $49 USD - Conference/Seminar Course

Click tab below to learn more, to register and to pay online.


“MasterMinding Your Measure & Message to the Marketplace”

This course discusses how to effectively transform your talent into a thriving business opportunity and inexpensively message your product or service to the marketplace. Sessions include Product/Service Development, Starting a Business in Arkansas, Business/Personal Credit Reports, and Budget-Saving Social Media/Traditional Marketing. FREE Self-Assessment, Pre-Business Checklist, and Business Guide included!

Cost: $49 USD - Conference/Seminar Course

Click tab below to learn more, to register and to pay online.


“M.A.D.E.™ in the USA”

This advanced, all-day course discusses how to effectively develop your product or service idea into a self-sustaining, money-making business quickly and affordably in today’s technology-driven marketplace through Marketing, Advertising, Design and E-Commerce. Sessions include Product/Service Development, Starting a Business in Arkansas, Business/Personal Credit Reports, Budget-Saving Social Media/Traditional Marketing, Inexpensive Advertising, Brand Development/Design and E-commerce 101. FREE Self-Assessment, Pre-Business Checklist, and Business Guide included!

Cost: $199 USD - Conference/Seminar Course

Click tab below to learn more, to register and to pay online.

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USA/Canada & UK/Europe

Training Calendar (Save the Dates)

Conference, lecture, seminar, training or workshop dates

Periodically check this site for available dates. Advance registration and payment are required and available online. Please reference dates and locations on our LAF Events Calendar by clicking its tab in our site navigation to the upper left or the tab provided below:


“ABC™ Forms”

Larry Freeman, through countless hours of law research, business consulting, development and experience, has created a complete set of all necessary, easy-to-fill-out, downloadable, formation template forms that ensure a successful business-filing acceptance with either Secretary of State’s office and compliance of state laws of Arkansas or Delaware. Having to fight profusely and tenaciously in order to bring his visions to fruition, Larry purposed to pave all proverbial pitfalls to ensure that no one with entrepreneurial aspirations and hopes would face needless determent or outright dream abandonment under his watchful eyes.

Cost: Price Varies Per Package

Little Rock - State Capitol of Arkansas Dover - State Capitol of Delaware
Complete Forms Package - AR Complete Forms Package - DE
Arkansas Nonprofit Nonstock Corporation Delaware Nonprofit Nonstock Corporation

One of the many hurdles in business creation is a lack of self-confidence in business formation ... having knowledge of the type of business desired, yet being void of a sound structure, a trusted mentor and hence a solid equitable start. 'Altruism' is defined by Webster's Dictionary as a devotion to others or to humanity and the opposite of selfishness. Concerned with the fact that America is graduating more college students than states' workforces have jobs to hire, Larry hopes to counteract this catastrophic trend by creating essential formation forms, Altruistic Business Creation forms, and a business training system, "M.A.D.E.TM in the USA", in efforts of being a catalyst for its eventual reversal. It is to this dedication that ABC forms are in turn devoted to your business start-up, structure, surety, survival and success.

Larry benevolently offers his expertise, wisdom, transparency, compassion for humanity and, most importantly, his sensitivity to the needs of those whom he serves. This is evidenced in the development of his detailed-yet-simple macro forms and his efficacious training sessions. Because of his knowledge, wisdom and understanding of both Arkansas and Delaware state laws and due to its helps-based nature and common structural elements, non-profit exempt corporation formation is the sole business entity of focus of the ABC forms. For-profit entities range in various structures (C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), Sole Proprietorship, etc.), which are dependent upon knowing the needs and direction of the company owner prior to forming.  Although the forms are for non-profits, our training is universal to all business entities of any structural level.

2010 Census Data Results Are In

LAF Productions' Friendly Associates proudly participated in the 2010 US Census Project, serving in capacities of Enumerator Trainer, Field & Enumerator Supervisor, and Enumerator. This is significant because advertising and marketing strategies/plans emanate from marketing research data, which is derived from US Census data. 

At LAF Productions, we not only understand the importance of census data and research (population count, demographics and trending), we were there first-hand to train, gather and help disseminate this vital information in this great and historic task of supporting the United States' oldest agency, US Census Bureau.

Can your advertising agency or Agency of Record say the same? At LAF Productions, you can trust our sourcing of data to get you real media and marketing plans that net real results! Enjoy our interactive data maps by clicking the links below:

Our Training Principle, Passion, Precedent, Philosophy and Promise

Training Principle:

There is a saying, “If you can’t play, then coach. If you can’t do, then teach.” This adage should be limited to a reference of retirement or only used in context of skill or talent performance loss due to untimely impairment; otherwise, we do not agree with the notion that if you cannot achieve your goal, then stop trying and start teaching with hopes that you will someday live vicariously through another’s success. Climb the ladder of opulence to its completion, but ascend with one hand leveraging the upper rung and the other outstretched to simultaneously accommodate another's rise.

Training Passion:

LAF Productions believes winners breed winners! Just ask Penny Chenery Tweedy, owner of the U.S. Triple Crown champion racehorse, Secretariat, whose breeding rights alone made her a business fortune. If it makes sense that aspiring physicians are mandated to only do residencies with top, actively-practicing physicians of their field prior to graduating medical school, then it stands to reason that business aspirants learn from relevant, actively-practicing business owners. Larry Freeman is a passionate entrepreneur who has built a successful business with noteworthy accreditations, certifications and credentials, of which he's quite proud. He states, "I am accomplished and have business achievements, yet I have a passion to teach others to do as I have done … not as I wish I could." This on-time training comes while he is actively working in his prime with giving current, relevant information, technological application and keen understanding instead of coming from retirement with out-of-date rhetoric or antiquated ideation.

Training Precedent:

This is no newfound notion, but rather a return to apprenticeship-style learning, to which there is a great track record of success. As a business owner, Mr. Freeman has a personally-vested interest to turn out the greatest of products each and every time he takes on a business endeavor. As entrepreneur, developer and lead trainer of our entrepreneurial training and development system, he passionately teaches this subject matter and convincingly pass along applied knowledge, confidence, surety and passion necessary for business aspirants. The philosophical difference of our training methodology in comparison to others is directly proportionate to the difference between real-world actualities and unapplied perfect-world theories.

Training Philosophy:

Our philosophy is that everyone can learn through mentorship to develop his or her talent(s) or measure and turn each into a successful business venture in their respective marketplace and/or globally. LAF Productions has a saying, “It’s not hard. It’s just NEW to you.” This phrase of comfort, hope and support is one that we begin every training session or seminar. This positive affirmation sets in motion a mental goal of expectation that stimulates immediate action of everyone in attendance to eagerly and actively participate in learning something new, which the brain now believes is truly attainable.

Training Promise:

Our sessions are carefully structured for maximum understanding, application and results! We have instant credibility and participant confidence because we teach what we live everyday in an enthusiastic way. It is through this dedication that Mr. Freeman and our trainers turn his past ‘mess’ into inspirational ‘messages’ and any ‘test’ into triumphant ‘testimonies’ for all to have a much easier start, comfortable formation and truly level playing field.  Our participants further get Lucrative Insights From Entrepreneurs through our LIFE™ Examples from visiting CEOs as time or schedules permit and also through our YouTube playlist, LIFE™ (Lucrative Insights From Entrepreneurs) Examples. This is in keeping with the philosophy of our training style, which encourages participants to learn directly from prominent business executives. Your successful business start-up is best ensured with the completion of our progressive and proven entrepreneurial training and development system.

State of the Young Entrepreneur

Lucrative Insights From Entrepreneurs
(LAF Productions)

Training Policies

Registration & Fees: 

Advance registration and payment are required and available online. Must be over 18 years old or with an adult to register online. Payment must be received before space is guaranteed. Debit or Credit Card payment (American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal) can be made online or by phone, but not at the training seminar. Check or money order made payable to LAF Productions, Inc. can be mailed to: LAF Productions, Inc., PO Box 26333, Little Rock, AR 72221-6333. A printed copy of the downloadable registration form must be in accompaniment.

Refund Policy:

Refunds are available on cancellations received up to 48 hours prior to conference, lecture, seminar, training or workshop. If a 48-hour cancellation notice is not received, seminar credit can be applied to another LAF Productions’ seminar within the current calendar year. If LAF Productions cancels a seminar, notification will be sent by e-mail and refunds will be issued.


In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, anyone requesting accommodations due to a disability should contact Delydia Pearson at 877.523.5278, ext. 524. Advance notice may be necessary for some accommodations. Request for interpreters should be made at least two weeks prior to the event to ensure interpreters are still available. Registration must be paid before requesting accommodations.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Seminars will not be held if public schools in cities where seminars are scheduled are closed due to inclement weather. Check your local TV or radio stations for school closings.

BET Founder on High Unemployment Among African-Americans (FOX NEWS)

2012 Data on Employment Status by State & Demographic Group

Leadership Training Scholarship Application

The Office of Church Growth under the Presbyterian Mission Agency provides scholarships up to $200 for leaders of small churches, community ministries, non-profit and civic organizations to attend training events. Submission instructions are inclusive on the application.

If awarded, then you could take all four (4) of our evening seminars or attend our all-day seminar for FREE!  If you are blessed by what we offer, then share the knowledge by encouraging your family, friends, congregation or members to register to attend our seminars.  Furthermore, you could host the seminars at your facility or location by contacting us and making prior booking arrangements.  

LAF Productions, Inc. is not affiliated with the esteemed Presbyterian Mission Agency and has no influence upon its scholarship awards.  We think highly of their commitment and willingness to help level playing fields and provide opportunities to those in need.  We want all who are willing to afford our life-changing seminars and to use the knowledge to help our hurting world. We wish you the best in your application efforts.

Application for Training Event Scholarship (PDF)

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-T.S. Eliot

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